Driven by experience and a love for games, we are a unique publishing ecosystem enhancing developer support and investor opportunities.

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To ensure we provide every title with total dedication, without compromise, we fully fund a maximum of three titles per year.

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For projects with excellent promise, which exceed our publishing bandwidth, we utilise our extensive industry relationships to find you the right partner.

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From identifying acquisitional and investment targets for investors, to qualitative insights with developers looking for concept validation.

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The team

A portrait image of Mark
Mark, like many in the games industry, began life in QA. They were the best of times. Somewhat of an MMORPG apologist, he now spends most of his free time  desperately seeking that old-school magic.
Mark Dallamore
Production, QA, Release Management
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Academically raised as an artist, Jarvis is passionate about the importance of balancing commercial viability with artistic liberty.  System driven games are his favourite and he considers rogue-likes, deckbuilders and auto-battlers all to be S-tier.
Jarvis Crofts
Business Development, Marketing Strategy
Leading Alibi’s strategy and infrastructure, Luke spends most of his time theory crafting, identifying market opportunities, and keeping the lights on. He loves games with excellent sound design, mechanical depth, player development and consequence.
Luke Greenaway
Strategy, Infrastructure, Investor Relations
Driving Alibi's partnership opportunities, James is always on the lookout for a hidden indie gem. Games with strong narratives, distinct visual styles and exciting new gameplay systems are certain to catch his eye. Anything anime-themed gets bonus points.
James Willmott
Scouting, Business Development, Market Insights


At it's core Alibi is a passion and solution-led company created by three friends who want to improve the way video game publishing works.

Our hybrid-solution approach to publishing enables us to provide relevant support to both developers and investors looking to sign and publish the next generation of indie games.

To stay agile and responsive, Alibi operates a minimum-overhead sustainable model. This enables the entire team to work directly with the developers, providing unparalleled commitment. To maintain this model, we are selective of the titles and people we work with.

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Feel free to reach out to Mark, Jarvis, and Luke for advice (ideally about games) or with any enquiry.

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